Heritage Trail | St. PATRICK'S CHURCH

Harry Clarke's stained glass window 'The Last Judgement' can be seen in St. Patrick's Church.

St. Patrick’s Church

St. Patrick’s Church on Barrack Hill dominates the town. Many come to admire the renowned ‘Last Judgement’ east window by Harry Clarke, but the church itself has a fascinating history, so do take your time to appreciate its many features, including the superb western doorway and the beautifully restored altar.

Prophecy of Brian Carabine

Brian Carabine prophesised- "In years to come a church will be built on this hill and the alter will stand where I myself slept. Of that church, not one stone will be left". This is exactly what happened. In 1918 the old church of St. Joseph's was demolished to the foundations and the new church of St. Patrick was built.

Built in 1918

There were four Bishops, up to 100 priests, many arriving by train at Newport Railway Station, and an overflowing congregation. They gathered in St. Patrick's church, Newport, for the dedication of the new church by most Rev. Dr. Gilmartin, Archbishop of Tuam, on Sunday, September 8th 1918.

The Parish Priest

The church was erected at the request of the then Parish Priest, Very Rev. Canon Michael McDonald - who was responsible for the building of the oratory on the summit of Croagh Patrick.

The Last Judgement Window

The stained glass window over the High Altar, in the east wall of Saint Patrick's Church, is one of the outstanding features of this building. The window, which is really made up of three windows of equal sizeis often called 'The Three Sisters', but is more commonly known as 'The Last Judgement Window', It was the last work executed by the late Harry Clarke of Clarke Studios and was commissioned by the late Canon McDonald P.P. and purchased with his life insurance gratuity.

Church open to the public from 8:30am to 8:30pm - visitors welcome

Sunday Mass St. Patrick's Church 10:00am

Newport, County Mayo, is a picturesque town nestling on the shores of Clew Bay with the Brown Oak River flowing through its centre.


The Greenway is a 42km walking and cycling trail which passes through the picturesque town of Newport.